Sugar Pop Slots Online Casino Game Basics for Internet Gamblers

Sugar Pop slot is a fun, exciting and rewarding game from Betsoft. It features a unique levelling up system as well as no fixed pay lines. Instead you simply need 3 or more symbols in contact and a win will trigger. If you have more than 3 adjacent symbols special features activate like the Super Colour symbol and the Colour Bomb candy.

Sugar Pop slot has wagers starting at 1 per spin with a maximum possible wager of 250. This game does not have an auto play function and the theoretical Return To Player is 97.23%

The Regular Candy Symbols

Sugar Pop slot doesn’t feature standard fixed pay lines. Instead you can win prizes by simply matching three colours in any way on the reels. There are seven candies available.

The purple triangle candy starts off the pay table with a payout of 30; the highest value candy is the red lollipop that is worth 100.

The Super Colour Candy Symbols

Sugar Pop slot allows the formation of special Super Colour Candy symbols. This occurs when 4 or more matching colours combine on the online slots real money Canada reels.

A new super symbol is formed with a multiplier equal to the amount of symbols creating the Super Colour candy.

The Reel Pops Bonus Feature

Sugar Pop slot offers players a free re-spin essentially. Any winning combination will explode the participating candies, leaving a gap in the reels.

These gaps will now be filled by the candies above them dropping down to take their place. This will continue until no winning combinations are left.

The Other Symbols

Sugar Pop slot also has a special Colour Bomb candy. This is formed by 5 matching colour candies. This bomb will explode if a combination is formed with it.

This explosion will destroy all candies that share a matching colour with it, resulting in a big collapsing reel shower to come down in the empty gaps.

The Special Bonus Candies

The main unique feature of Sugar Pop online slot is the Level up feature. This is a really unique ability that you do not see in many online pokie games. On the right hand side of your reel area you will find a special meter. The meter will fill up as you play and whenever it becomes full you will level up the game. There are 20 levels to traverse with special candies coming into play at various levels.

Sugar Pop pokies have 9 special candies, starting at level one. The first level has the Lollipop. When this candy appears it will grant a free re-spin if you did not land a win when it appears. The level 2 candy is a Caramel Chew. When this candy appears it will move all around the reel destroying candy as it goes and allowing the reel collapse feature to trigger.

The next candy appears on level 4, it is a white chocolate that fires nuts at the candies on the reels, destroying them. Level six introduces the Gumdrop which absorbs sweets in its vicinity and explodes. You will get more special candies at level 8,10,12,15 then 20.