Single and Multi-hand Blackjack – A Quick Guide And Comparison

Over time, professional blackjack players have been pushing casinos to come out with a riskier, faster-paced variation of blackjack, and so in answer, multi-hand blackjack was born.

Where in traditional single hand blackjack you have just that one hand per game, with multi-hand you can have up to five different hands in play at the same time, making the game far more exciting, more complicated, and also riskier, though with potentially greater wins.

The Rules

Though the general rules of single and multi-hand blackjack are generally the same, i.e., the standard rules of blackjack, as mentioned, the addition of multiple hands creates a very different dynamic to the game. The major differences are therefore mainly in the play, and the betting. Each hand of the player in multi-hand blackjack is played simultaneously, and with its own independent wager, against the single hand of the dealer.

Players also have the flexibility of increasing wagers on some hands while standing or folding with others. Furthermore, some multi-hand blackjack games allow side bets for each bet, increasing the complexity further.

The Strategies

Depending on how you prefer to play blackjack, the great advantage of multi-hand blackjack over single hand is that is allows the player to incorporate a different strategy with each hand in play. Like an angler with many lines cast into the water, this gives a greater possibility for one or more of the strategies to work and increase winnings.

Online and Offline

Though many land-based casinos offer multi-hand blackjack, due to the limitation of space on the blackjack table, it is generally only allowed when empty tables are available. Online blackjack, however, has no such limitations and can be played at any time.

Better Odds Vs Casual Gambling

The greater risk and complexity of multi-hand blackjack essentially amounts to better odds and payout. For most players this is a big plus, however, some blackjack fans just aren’t into the faster pace and higher risk, and just prefer the good old standard single hand blackjack. It’s all a matter of motivation and preference in this regard.

Overall Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage of single hand blackjack, when played over time, will always be its lower house edge. This, naturally, also means lower risk, and though this makes it more suitable for casual gamblers, and also very patient and calculated strategists, it also generally makes winning a potentially more drawn out and difficult process in comparison.

On the other hand, as mentioned, multi-hand blackjack does offer higher payouts, but the disadvantage here is that there is also an increased potential for loss. This is especially notable over time due to multi-hand blackjack having a slightly higher house edge. So make sure to keep an keen eye on your bankroll. Also, if you have trouble keeping track of multiple things at once, perhaps stick to single hand blackjack, at least until you get some practice.

Otherwise, in the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of what you want out of your experience and the kind of player you want to be.