Online Punto Banco Baccarat Casino Game at a Glance

For most casino enthusiasts, casino games can be broken down into two categories, card/table games and slots. Slot machines do not require any skill to play and can vary in their payouts. Card games on the other hand usually require a bit of skill and a great deal of patients in order to win. Baccarat is certainly one game where a player’s skill and mental fortitude determines the outcome of the game. Today the most popular type of baccarat games found at land based and online casinos is Punto banco. This exciting game is played in a similar way to blackjack where the player faces off against the dealer.

How Punto Banco is played

Punto banco is played at a classic baccarat table and has a space reserved for the dealer’s cards and a space for the player’s cards. In the online version of the game, the player’s chips are located at the bottom of the screen. Unlike Chemin de fer, in this version of baccarat, the player places his or her bet directly against the dealer on an individual basis. The game begins with each player at the table placing their bet in the designated spot. In the online version of the game, this can be done by clicking on the chips and placing then in the betting area.

Betting Options

In Punto banco, there are three types of betting options. Firstly players can bet on themselves to win, alternatively players can bet on the dealer to win, or players can bet on a tie. If player’s bet on the dealer to win, the dealer will take a cut of the winnings. Once the bets have been placed, the dealer will deal the player two cards facing down. The dealer will also deal himself two cards facing down. The aim of baccarat is to get the highest number of points with the cards you have been dealt, the highest being 9 points. In online baccarat in Canada, each card 2 through to 10 is worth its face value. The Jack, Queen and king are worth 10 points with the ace worth 1 point.

Totalling your Points

In Punto banco baccarat, totalling up your points can get complicated. In order to determine your point number, players must total the number of the two cards and drop the first digit. For example if the player is dealt a 6 and an 8, the total is 14. If you drop the first digit the total point number is 4. In the online version of the game, the computer will display your point number. The first thing the player or the dealer does is check for a natural hand. A natural hand is any two card hand that totals 8 or 9.

Winning a Hand

If either the dealer or the player has a natural hand, the round is over and the payouts are awarded to the person holding the hand. If neither the dealer nor the player has a natural hand, the player can accept a third card. In the online version of Punto banco, the computer will determine if the player or the dealer has a natural hand and pay out accordingly. If the player takes a third card, the dealer also has the option of taking a third card. The cards are then revealed and the bets paid out.