A Quick Look at Jupiters 21 for Online Blackjack Players

There can be no denying the popularity that certain online casino games have yielded over the years. One such game is Jupiters 21, which is a variation of blackjack, the traditional casino classic.

Overall, this game is incredibly easy to play once you get the hang of it and as a result, players of every level of experience can quickly adapt to the game. Once you start playing, you can quickly develop and refine your own strategy towards it. Below, you will find a few tricks and tips to make getting into the game even easier.

The Best Possible Hand

As mentioned above, Jupiters 21 is an incredibly easy game to play. So easy in fact, that it is possible to win the game with just two cards. The whole aim of the game is to get points that add up to 21, or as close to that amount as possible.

An ace can equal either one or 11 points, depending on what works best for the player. A picture card or a 10 is worth 10 points, so an ace plus a picture will total 21. However, should a player’s total points equal to more than 21, they will immediately lose the game.

Other Card Values

When it comes to card values, again, Jupiters 21 is incredibly simple to understand. There are no surprise values and perhaps the most complicated that it gets is mentioned above, whereby the face cards equal 10 points and the aces can be seen as either yielding one point or 11. However, all of the other cards used in the game are to be taken at face value. So for example, a five of spades will equal to five points. Naturally, it is better for players to draw higher ranking cards as this could lead to a victory much sooner than the lower ranking cards will.

Play from a Variety of Platforms

One thing that is important for players to note is that playing Jupiters 21 need not be a complicated matter. Apart from the fact that the game is so easy to play and understand, it is worth noting that because it exists in an online space, the game can be played from a range of convenient devices like eSports betting Australia. This includes mobile devices like tablets, phones and laptops, meaning that players can access the game on the go, from wherever they may be at any time of the day or night. It makes for complete flexibility as players will not be restricted by the device they choose to play from or by what time of the day they choose to play.

At the end of the day, Jupiters 21 is the ideal game for players looking for something that allows them to sit back and relax, but at the same time, test themselves with a little bit of strategy. It is easy to play and is sure to make for plenty of fun for players of almost every level of experience.