How To Win Big Playing Craps

Craps is one of the oldest and most popular casino games around the world and is considered a game of pure chance. This means that there is no strategy in the play of the dice and their random outcome, but rather in things like the betting, the player’s understanding of house edge, odds and probability, responsible bankroll management, and more.

  1. Keep The House Edge Low

Each bet in craps has a certain “house edge”, otherwise known as the house advantage. House edge is an inbuilt loss factor inherent in all casino games. In essence it determines a certain percentage of loss in bets, over time, which then goes back into the casino coffers. It is the root of the old saying “The house always wins.”

In craps, and all casino games, it is therefore worthwhile placing bets with the lowest house edge possible in order to minimise this inevitable loss.

  1. Use The Popular Bets

Bets such as the Pass Line bet, and the Come bet, are popular for a good reason, and that is their low house edge of 1.41%. They are also a great base for combination bets that can bring down the house edge even further.

  1. Also Use The Don’t Pass Don’t Come Bets

Don’t pass and don’t come bets are similar to the Pass Line and Come wagers, except in reverse, they bet on the loos rather than the win. In the past, these bets have been overlooked in their potential, and deem unlucky by some, by in reality they are just as good as their counterparts. Some casinos even offer a slight lower house edge of 1.40%.

  1. Use The Odds Bets

Odds bets are utilised after a point is established to further lower the house edge. They have no house edge, and used strategically, they are essential for the best combination bets possible in craps.

  1. Combine Bets

The only way to bring down house edge to its lowest possible value, is to use combine bets. For instance, a combined wager of a Don’t Pass bet, a Come bet, and two Odds bets, can bring the house edge to its lowest possible percentage of 0.83.

  1. Manage Your Bankroll

Learning to manage your bankroll is probably one of the most obvious and difficult aspects to all types of gambling., and also the most necessary. If you start early on though, and maintain good discipline and a reasonable attitude, you will only benefit from it the future.

Establish a budget, set a strict loss limit, pace your betting, and time spent gambling, and as a result you will simply have better odds of winning.

  1. Do Your Research

You may have noticed by now that house edge plays a huge part in craps. So it is highly recommended that you learn everything you can about house edge, as well as everything else you can about craps in general, such as the rules and the laws of odds and probability that govern the game. Also, if you are playing online craps, compare the different games and online casino to find the best payout.