Find Gladiator Slot Overview for Online Casino Players

Gladiator is a well loved and extremely respected film, telling the story of a general who rose from being a simple gladiator, to openly challenging the corrupt emperor. The Gladiator slot game, created by Betsoft, is based on the epic film, using many of the famous faces seen on the big screen. Russell Crowe is sadly absent, likely due to licensing issues, but it does not mean that the slot game is still not an entertaining experience. Let’s have a closer look at the game and some of the finer details of its workings.

The graphics and visual presentation of the Gladiator slot game are decent, with images of the recognisable characters plucked directly from the movie. Upon any of the characters being matched they will animate, showing a brief snippet from the film. This is a nice effect, but overall one can’t help but feel that some of the more creative modern slot games offer more, at least as far as visuals are concerned. The Gladiator slots game is, however, getting along in age, so it can be forgiven for not having the dazzling pizzazz of more recent games. Let’s look at the game play, since slot games are certainly not all just about presentation.

Symbol Designs

It’s interesting to see how the symbols are valued in the Gladiator slot game. The emperor, a character notoriously hated in the movie, is the most valuable symbol in the game, offering a payout more than four times greater then the next most valuable in line. It perhaps speaks of how he was the target of revenge in the movie.

As far as game play is concerned, Gladiator slot game uses a standard 5 reel, 25 betting line system like the majority of online slots Singapore. The betting lines may be adjusted using the interface at the bottom of the play area, allowing for the total betting amount to be raised or lowered at will. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that jackpot amounts are greater the higher the initial bet is for each spin.

Coliseum Bonuses

There are two possible bonuses to win in the Gladiator slot game. This first is triggered by matching the coliseum symbol, which will open a mini-game. In the mini-game the player may select stones to reveal prizes, one stone from each of the 5 rows that will appear. Hidden beneath the stones are varying prizes, some with bigger value than others. It is all a matter of luck, but the player is always guaranteed to walk away with a decent amount of cash and free spins.

The second bonus comes in the form of matching gladiator helmets. If three helmets are matched, a bonus round will be initiated, where only helmet symbols will be spun for a single round. Depending on the colour of the helmets matched, a jackpot prize will be awarded. If all helmets on all the rows are golden, the player is granted the progressive jackpot, which is a life changing sum of money. Otherwise, if some of the helmets are silver, the player will be awarded a value equal to the amount of gold and silver helmets. It will still be a good amount.