Ghostbusters slot by IGT offers the player thirty paylines along with five reels to enjoy.

The art style in Ghostbusters is a realistic comic book style that features the characters and some elements of the very popular movie of the same name which was originally released in nineteen eighty four. The movie centres on three parapsychologists who put together a paranormal investigation service that offers services in exterminating ghosts. The trio develops ghost busting equipment that allows them to control, capture and eventually contain these ghosts for their various clients.

Shortly after starting their business, they have to employ a fourth member of the team in order to keep up with the high demand for their services. Things continue to progress and they end up taking on a bit more than they can handle when a demon named Zuul shacks up in a client’s apartment and won’t leave.

The design elements of this slot are quite basic and straight forward but get the job done. The reels are surrounded by a simple grey metallic boarder with screws in each corner. The signature red used throughout the movie surrounds the reels. Behind the reels, the player can see the run down firehouse that the characters in the movie use for their base of operations. The player can also see an empty city street and a quiet night scene. At the top of the reel is the title of the slot with the signature Ghostbusters symbol replacing the “O” in the word. The symbol is made up of a white ghost with his hands up and he is surrounded by a red circle with a line through it.

Below the reels, the player is given additional information as well as several options for this slot. They are shown their total coins, total bet, win and balance. The player’s coin value can be adjusted by using the plus and minus buttons. There’s also a spin button in the middle.

Ghostbusters Symbols

The symbols used in this slot include the characters from the film. These include Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and the other male lead from the movie. Additional symbols include elements used for trapping ghosts including an ectoplasm detector, a ghost catching backpack, a ghost trap, a pair of ghost detecting goggles as well as their company car.

There are also two wilds for this slot. These wilds include Slimer, the ghost that the heroes of the film first caught in a hotel and also another demon ghost. These wilds can be used to substitute any other symbol to make a winning combination.

Bonus Features

One of the bonus features that is present in this slot is the mystery feature. These mystery features are totally random and can be activated at any point. The first is the multiplier feature which gives you a two to five times multiplier on your current win.

The next is a cash award. This cash award is given at a rate of fifty times to one hundred times the coin value. Then there’s wild reels where between three and one reels get slimed by slimed and turn completely wild. The final is extra wilds where from one to four reel positions turn wild.