Cash Machine Online Slot Functions in Detail

The Cash Machine online slot from IGT Gaming is available in two distinct modes. Some online casinos might only offer one of the modes, but in most cases, players will be able to choose which option they prefer.

The first Cash Machine slot option is to play the free or no deposit version of the game. As the name of the game suggests, no deposit Cash Machine slots means you don’t have to spend any of your own money to actually try out the game. There are two clear objectives behind this. The first is for players who just want to play for the fun of it. For players who don’t want the risk and reward of using their own money, you can literally play this game just for the fun of it.

The other option for Cash Machine online slot players is to play the real money version of the game. In this case, you will need to spend your own money to get playing credits. However you will now become eligible to actually win real money prizes if you manage to match up the correct game symbols. Players do have the option of deciding how much they want to stake for each spin. As with most slots, higher stakes typically put you in with a chance of winning bigger prizes. However, whether you decide to go all out for the big jackpot win, or rather aim at slowly accumulating smaller winnings, the choice is really all yours.

Cash Machine Bonus Feature

While the slot functions in much the same way as pokies at online casino Ghana, the Cash Machine slot does have one quite interesting feature. This is a reaction type of extra feature that looks like Tetris in many respects. If you land 5 or more identical symbols in a specific direction, what will happen is that these will then disappear, and will be replaced by a new set of game symbols. The reels will then get looked at again to see if there are any more new winning combinations as a result of this. This process will keep on unfolding until the point where no new winning combinations are created. There are certain specific symbols that need to be landed in certain numbers and combinations that will result in you winning the main jackpot prize. Refer to the paytable to find out details in this respect.

Cash Machine Slot Options

The Cash Machine slot is a standard 5 reel game, but it does offer players a total of 243 ways to win. The interface allows players to adjust the size of their stake quite easily. Just look out for the – and + buttons, and by tapping or clicking on these, the size of your bet for that spin will go up and down.

The Cash machine also offers an autoplay option. This is great for players who are a bit distracted, but want to make sure that the wheels keep on spinning. The autoplay option can be toggled off and on to suit you. This also enables you to keep playing even if you are busy doing something else.