Important Points to Consider Before Claiming Canadian Online Casino Bonuses

The 100% match bonus that Canadian online casinos make available to their players offers exactly what it says it does: whatever the player deposits, the gambling site promises to match Canadian dollar for Canadian dollar, as long as it falls within the cap indicated. There is a suitably wide range on the amounts of these caps, with some casinos making CA$150 their top total, and others increasing this to CA$1 000 or more, so players are always advised to check this before they make a decision. The information on this will be easy to spot, and is usually indicated nearby the amount that specifies the percentage of the matching bonus.

Players should Always Read the Fine Print

While there is nothing to beat a good Canadian online casino bonus, players are advised to always make sure they have read and understood the terms and conditions attached to the deal. This fine print will have important information on exactly what is required from the player in order for the free money to become available, and failing to meet any of these prerequisites will render the offer unusable.

Players should also bear the following details in mind when taking advantage of a Canadian online casino welcome bonus:

  • The Canadian online casino welcome bonus is exactly that, and will apply to the player’s initial deposit online. While a number of Canadian-friendly online casinos will make loyalty deposit bonuses available to their returning players, these will not generally take quite the same form as their welcome bonuses, and will usually make smaller amounts of money available.
  • There may well be a time limitation on the welcome bonus, and the money will need to be used within this preset period. The most frequently used time limit is a seven-day period, after which the offer will fall away, so players are advised to make sure they are aware of this condition if it exists.
  • A minimum deposit amount is generally required in order for the player to get hold of his or her matching bonus, and players should try to make this total as large as they can. Since it is directly linked to how much free money they will be receiving from the Canadian online casino in terms of the match bonus, it makes sense to make it as big an amount as is possible while conforming to the cap amounts set on the offer.

The Playthrough/Wagering Canadian Online Casino Bonus Requirement

A playthrough or wagering bonus requirement will generally be in place on all deals, and although this may at first glance seem unfair to the player, it should be remembered that the casino will need to put features in place to protect themselves from unscrupulous players as well. These requirements ensure that players remain regular customers, and do not simply take the money and run.

A playthrough is really just a fancy way of saying that players will be asked to wager a certain amount of money before their bonus cash becomes available. These requirements will vary enormously from site to site, and sometimes even differ greatly in terms of the various deals available at on Canadian online casino, and it is vital that players make themselves familiar with the details of these.