Misconceptions around the Best Online Casino Real Money Sites

Casinos are a phenomenally popular form of entertainment. This applies to both brick and mortar as well as online casinos. One of the things that tends to occur in situations where popularity and money intersect is the generation of much talk and speculation. There are many players looking for the best online casino where they can optimise their playing with real money in the most profitable way.

Casino myths and speculation is therefore rife. The best online casinos do not deserve the myths that are perpetuated by ignorant players and should have a discussion on the subject that would dispel the various speculative issues around the best online casino real money sites.

The Beliefs that Restrict Casino Players

The myth, or misconception, that most affects casino players is the expectation that something at a casino is in some way due to happen. For instance, in the USA alone, many players when playing roulette and see a red number come up eight times in a row, believe that now a black number is due, and they will place their chips extravagantly on black, based on this expectation.

This assumption has lost players more money than any other. Believing that black is due to be up next, that somehow landing on red eight times in a row has improved the odds on the ball landing on a black number, is what is known as the gamblers’ fallacy. This is also the basic flaw in the Martingale betting system, because it runs almost counter-intuitively that every single individual spin, deal or toss carries the same odds as the one before.

Card Counting as a Thing

Another aspect to play at the best online casinos for real money is the belief that card counting is an illegal act. It is not. Card counting improves the players’ odds of winning marginally, and it is only when this is done in an obvious manner that casinos employ their right not to accept wagers from card counters, but it is not illegal. The great casino expert, Stu Unger, who was perhaps the greatest gin rummy player ever, and a fine poker player as well, and he had the ability to count cards to an unbelievable level, and won a fortune in play. He once won a bet that after six full decks were dealt he would be able to calculate the exact final card. He won $100 000 that night.

Another popular misconception is that casinos rig the games in their favour, by increasing the house odds surreptitiously. Reputable casinos will certainly not be doing this, because apart from being independently audited, they simply do not need to since the games themselves and the process of casino play is already in their favour.

The House Odds

Every casino game, from roulette to slots, has calculable house odds. These may be quite small of themselves, but they are going to play out in the casino’s favour over the longer period. The best online casino real money players who aim to win large amounts of money consistently, effectively need to overcome the long term odds over a shorter period.

In order to give themselves the best possible odds when playing their game, players should know all they can about the particular game they are playing like intelligent NZ punters who do sports betting from mobile. They should understand the odds and realise when these odds are in their favour. The best online casino real money sites use proven random number generators and players can take comfort from the fact that the house odds are not stacked against them, not more than the game in question anyway.