Secure Payment Methods for Online AFL Betting

The Australian Football League or AFL is the premier competition of Aussie Rules football, and is a popular betting market among football fans around the world. Online bookmakers are well aware of this, and offer markets on the pre-season, the premiership season, the finals, and the anticipated Grand Final.

As many punters are aware of the potential risks involved in real money deposits online, they are usually on the lookout for secure payment methods that they can use at trustworthy bookmakers that use data encryption to offer further protection against fraud.

The most secure payment methods for making deposits online include e-wallets, credit cards, and prepaid cards for online live AFL betting.

About the AFL

17 Australian and 1 New Zealand team make up the AFL. The teams play a few pre-season games in February, before beginning the premiership season in March.

While the pre-season NAB Challenge does see a fair amount of betting at online bookmakers, it is nothing compared to the premiership season, finals, and Grand Final.

The AFL premiership season runs until September. It features rivalry games and themed games, and has 23 rounds in which the teams play 22 games each.

The finals series takes place during September, and culminates in the Grand Final, which is played on the last Saturday of the month.

e-Wallet Payments Online

e-Wallets are a first choice for making deposits for AFL betting at online bookmakers. They are payment services that act as wallets on the internet.

Punters create an e-wallet on the website of their preferred service, and then link that wallet to their bank account. Once the link has been established, it is possible for them to transfer money from their bank account into the wallet.

When punters use their e-wallet as a payment method at an online bookmaker, they will need to log in via a pop-up window to confirm the deposit.

e-Wallet service providers use data encryption that meets the stringent requirements of international banking institutions, making them secure.

Credit Card Payments Online

Credit cards are also a secure means of making real money deposits at online bookmakers with AFL betting markets. Many punters prefer using their card, as the card cannot be used without the security code, and, because most cards are issued by banks, they know they have banking security to further prevent fraudulent activity.

Most online bookmakers’ banking services allow punters to register their cards; a process that stores some, but not all, of the card information on the site to speed up making deposits.

Punters should be aware that most bookmakers charge a small fee to process credit card deposits. However, they need not be concerned about the card issuer charging additional interest, or about hidden costs, because there aren’t any.

Prepaid Card Payments Online

Prepaid cards are not linked to punters’ bank accounts or credit cards, which makes them a secure means of making deposits for online AFL betting. Cards are bought at vendors, and can be paid for with cash, credit cards, or debit cards.

When they are purchased, punters have a specific amount of money loaded onto them. The card comes with a code that must be submitted when making a deposit at an online bookmaker.

However, as the code can be seen by anyone who finds it, punters should treat their cards as they would treat cash.